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how it works | tips   21 July 2024

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ShopWindowAds Focus Days

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Quick tips for placing a successful Ad.
Most of the search criteria makes up part of the structure and wording of the advert. It is advisable not to include these items within the description so as not to double up on these details, therefore maximising the additional selling features that can be included in the advert.

Always ensure that the search criteria is set up correctly before placing the advert and after each alteration or amendment.

The larger geographical areas are set in the drop down boxes to ensure that matches are found for all adverts. When entering your local area ensure that you use a city, town or borough name which you think best describes your location and that you believe customers are most likely to request. Ensure names are correctly spelt.

When entering keyword details, try to use the most common word to describe your item or service.

Take advantage of focus days when placing an advert. Adverts in all these sections have a duration of 16 days. By placing an advert on the day prior to the relevant focus day, 3 focus days will be included within the duration period.