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how it works | tips   21 July 2024

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ShopWindowAds Focus Days

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With the growth in the number of homes connected to the internet and the expansion of broadband services, advertising on the web is becoming an increasingly important and efficient method of advertising goods and services to an ever-growing market.

Internet advertising has the advantage of transmitting information directly into homes without having to rely on the prior purchase of newspapers and magazines and, as all adverts on shopwindowads are free to view, adverts are available at all times to any potential customer free of cost to themselves.

Shopwindowads is truly a one-stop advertiser on the web with databases covering a wide range of products and services:

  • Property
  • Jobs / Employment
  • Miscellaneous Goods
  • Motoring
  • Services
  • Holiday and Travel Accommodation
  • Businesses and Commercial Properties

How it works.

ShopWindowAds employs a self-place system for both trade and private customers who enter their own adverts directly into our databases themselves including a description using the customer’s own words, setting the search criteria and where applicable uploading a photograph. The advert placement is undertaken in simple to follow steps and is easier than might be expected.

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PrePay Cards.

In order to make web advertising more accessible, shopwindowads has developed a system where customers are able to place adverts using prepayment numbers which can be acquired either:

  • by e-mail from our online shop or
  • in prepay card form from authorised agents where the shopwindowads signs are displayed.

Prepaid adverts, once placed in the database, have set duration periods but can be instantly cancelled once the item has been sold. Some details including the price, location and advertiser’s telephone number can be changed throughout the duration of the advert.

Focus Days.

To make the website more user friendly, ShopWindowAds incorporates a system of focus days for several categories of adverts:

  • Tuesday – bargain cars
  • Wednesday – jobs
  • Thursday – quality cars
  • Friday – property
  • Saturday – motorcycles

Although all adverts are available all the time, the focus days inform visitors who visit the site the optimum time to find the most up-to-date adverts without having to search constantly throughout the week.

Help your Business.

ShopWindowAds offers a range of facilities for trade customers to benefit from internet advertising. These include web designs and advertising on the Home and Search Results Pages with sponsored links. There are tailor made database packages which offer set numbers of database spaces where the account holder has the facility to change the details, contents and photos in each advertising space as often as desired or required for an all inclusive price with no hidden extra charges.


Advertise on ShopWindowAds.

ShopWindowAds endeavours to provide advertisement for virtually any product or service. If you are interested in advertising you business or service on the ShopWindowAds homepages, please email us at :